Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reality shows and all that cow dung

The latest(or maybe not THE latest) anti reformist step taken by the govt. of India is that courier companies should not handle and transport couriers below a certain weight. The most obvious winner in this case is India Post. It is not hard to fathom why the govt. is doing this. The number of workers working in the postal department is only slightly more or less than that were working in the 90's. Then the age of mobile telephony and internet and now broadband internet at almost every high end and middle class home. Those were the days of Surabhi, when Siddarth Das and Renuka Sahane towards the end of the episode used to say the number of postcards received every week for their contest to win a trip(abroad or in India, I can't remember). These postcards were mainly from people in the middle class who used to buy the postcard, write down the answer and the address, go to the post box to post it and try to win something for themelves. And now, the days of reality shows, where millions of namooneys watch the hyped up shows which are dragged like tom's tongue in Tom and Jerry. They desperately try to bring a climax to the result situation which can be otherwise done casually and pleasantly. And all the namooneys who watch it sitting at their house supposedly have a big reason to watch the show(or even without a reason). These people have after all spent Rs.6 per sms to vote the candidate who they like based on the state they are from, their beauty, and whatever else their criteria. And that too when they have nothing in the world to win from messaging. This is the reason mobile telephone companies and advertising companies are raking in the moolah, whereas the Indian public is wasting their double moolah(money + time). If 1990's tv shows of India showed the middle classes' finese with great variety of prime time television, the 2000s are the age of sms crazy psychos whose only alternate adventurous life to the day to day life is the reality shows.

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