Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bhavnagar Part 1

Almost everything here in Bhavnagar is very different from that in Bangalore or even south India. Only stale news (not yesterday's but the day before's) comes in the Times of India newspaper. And there are no supplements(except for Times Life on sundays). Even the cartoon strips are repeated repeatedly. Nothing ever opens here before 11am. Right from the hair saloon to a restaurant/cart wheel food place. Slim milk(the cheapest) costs Rs.19/litre here and other varieties with fat cost even more considering the fact that Gujarat is a major milk producer in India. Everywhere around, everything is written in gujrati. The city roads here are made in a different way here. They dont lay 3.5 inch thick roads each time like in Bangalore and so there are no 4 inch deep potholes that will break the axle of your car or your vertebra of the back on your bike. Being a tier2/3 city, a few things are cheaper here. A visit to a good hi-fi barber costs Rs.25, whereas this would have cost me Rs.40 in Bangalore. The cost of pressing clothes is also cheaper here at 2 bucks an ordinary male dress piece.

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  1. I still wonder as to how a dhobi has to wait for 2*9.5 times the amount to buy a slim milk pack...!!! and a hifi barber in gujju?? well may be!!! some of them have the best hairstles...[no haircuts]...as far as shops opneing at not before 1100am...suggests the customers attitude at a place...