Thursday, July 3, 2008

I sold my kerchief for Rs.100/-

Unbelievable but true. I sold my old kerchief for Rs.100.Where? What? Who?....At Ahmedabad, Reliance mart. Cant believe it right? They were ready to buy any piece of clothing for Rs.100/-. Well the story is as follows: I went there looking to buy a kurta and found a good one. Then the store guy tells me that there is an offer where any piece of clothing can be exchanged for a coupon of Rs.100 which can be redeemed for anything above Rs.500/-. I wished I had known about this offer earlier. Alas, I had to get rid of something very soon. The first thing that came to my mind were my socks. Then thought a little harder and asked him if a kerchief would come under the offer. He told yes and I exchanged it. Fortunately, I did not have anything else to buy and did not cross the Rs.1000 mark, else I would have been tempted to get another 100 bucks discount giving away another clothing of mine. All I could think of then was playing strip poker and losing it ;-)

1 comment:

  1. wait a minute... was the kurta designed by Micheal Angelo - Paris'...
    Then i am with u to pay 400INR for it... else man u have lost atleast say - 150INR!!!!!