Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cord storage now available in India

Yes, it comes as a surprise to me to read that stem cells are now being stored and used commercially in India. I thought that this is still in research activity state and will take a long time to become commercially viable (after getting approvals & legal cases regarding the morality of using these methods), and that too in India. The below link gives quite some information about the expenses involved, the treatments possible with this and some reassuring information.
For a proper introduction on the subject, refer this:
The cells taken from the umbilical cord during child birth can be cryo-freezed and stored for decades together. Presently these cells can be used to cure 75 different ailments and in the time to come, this list is only going to get longer. This is a quite a remarkable development in the history of medicine considering the pace with which it has been implemented in India.

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