Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Political war of words

Over the last 2 months or so the war of words between Congress-BJP and BJP-JDU have increased, even more so after Modi has been named as the chairman of the election campaign committee. The politicians have been bickering between bad, worse and worst with their rhetorics and idiotic statements which are nowhere near ground realities (A meal at Rs.12/Rs.5/Rs.1). They have tried to compete with each other in making more outrageous and stupid remarks. Probably, the noise in the media (read television news channels, digital newspapers and printed newspapaers) will get even more and become unbearable as the elections due next year come closer.
But, what I am wondering is how much of all this noise actually reach the majority of the voters in the rural areas. How much of it will they hear and how much will they read/hear about and consider it considering the following factors: illiteracy, availability of newspapers, power for viewing televisions, interest in national politics, considering that in villages the head of the village or the head of the house decide which party to vote to power, big political parties throwing money and liquor at the villagers to buy their votes.
Is all the noise generated worth it?