Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have wondered many a times, what are your rights and duties as a friend? Legally, I dont think a friend has any privilege in over a stranger. Sad, but true. Even some not so well meaninged relatives have privileges/rules conferred by the law.
So we dont have a legally bounded duty for anything for a friend.
So is is right to assume certain things for friends and take decisions on behalf of them? On very small issues, I am sure friends wont mind. But what about bigger issues? What if a major decision has to be taken and no family member is available at the moment? How does it work then with no one really listening to a friend of the person in case of major medical emergencies or such scenarios.


  1. Was this any situation based thought or a random book one?

  2. Kinda both... I realised it the hard way that I am allowed and can make decisions for my family but can't do so for my friends(especially slightly big decisions, though I can only suggest and help).

  3. I understand u... its just that u have said the answer yourself...
    'make decisions for my family'.. so everyone has a family and makes decisions within... any friend is always welcome...
    Its also that... in the worst case, if something goes wrong with the decision u have taken for a friend, then in a way u would be accountable for its better to leave it the family for somethings and may be in some 'SITUATIONS' you can unleash urself on friends...