Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Know these connections

Typical audio, video connections for conneccting your stereo system to the earphone, tv to the stereo and computer output to the stereo system...
When you know the names of these connections, it will be easier to tell anyone what exactly you want rather than playing pictionary with the other person...
TRS connectors
To know more about the pictured connections,
The RCA connectors

A more exhaustive and classified connections with symbol and uses is given here:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

How stress changes the look

The astonishing pictures show how a tour of Afghanistan transforms the features of these relaxed-looking men and women into careworn, hard-bitten masks. 
Even more amazingly, their faces dramatically soften again on their return from their three-month trips.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Expert views aka Dumb analyst reports

I have come across many equity research reports which have a target price for a company which is some single digit % downside. But whats shocking is the recommendation of 'hold' next to it. Why should any investor hold on to investments that are not going to grow, but shrink by any number. If the investor sold it and kept the money in the bank, he could earn a single digit positive % return on the amount. The difference between the two scenarios can be a double digit % return.
It is interesting to note that many have instituionalised this kind of stupid thinking by defining the 'hold' range as "+5% to -5% over a year". Why should anyone hold on for an investment for over a year for a maximum of 5%? Isn't a fixed deposit better with higher returns and no equity risks?