Monday, March 19, 2012

Typical investor behaviour

A WSJ article:
"If people were watching their investments, they would not sit idly by and be victimized, but would act. Instead, people are busy with everything from their favorite TV series to golf, and are blind-sided when they find out about their losses. These people pay the same amount of attention to the political issues and candidates. They are like deer wandering around in the forest with targets painted on their sides."

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to get great discounts on SpiceJet

Spicejet is currently running an offer "Scan this code now and get discount of the day"
I just used this and got a Kool Rs.600 discount on each ticket booked.
And to make things sweeter, booked separate one way tickets to get twice the benefit = Rs.1,200/-
The code is what is called a QR code. The method mentioned in their website is complicated and doesn't work. Use the following method to get the benefit of the discount.
1. Printscreen the whole page with the small qr code.
2. paste in Microsoft Paint and cut only the code and save this cropped code.
3. Upload this code in this website and get the code (which is something like SGDIS600)
4. Apply this alphanumeric phrase in the promotion code while paying for the ticket (just below the travel insurance section of the payment page) and voila! you get a nice discount. The discount could vary on a day to day basis, but it is actualy very much worth the effort.

Maybe soon, we can expect other websites also to give discounts based on this method.
In these cases, it is always better to book each passenger's ticket separately and each way separately too to maximise the discount on each person and each way.