Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Once the new govt. came in, people expect reforms or new policies in every industry segment. This has driven up prices of stocks by over 50% in the two weeks after the announcement of results, even before the ministers or their plans were told. Now, some sector stocks like zodiac clothing which I own, has shot up 15% the on june 4 and another 20% on june 5. I talked to a fund manager too regarding this and he told me that whatever the announcement, it cant help the textile sector much if the demand is just not there. This reconfirmed my thoughts on the sector and I am planning to sell them off on the next working day with hopefully as much precision as a bull fighter inserts the sword in one shot into the charging bull right behind the neck and thrusts it deep enough to enter its heart and kill the bull. Only time will tell if I am that good a bull fighter or not.

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