Monday, December 28, 2009

Do something nice

Well, this post is a bit late considering Christmas got over a few days ago, but being generous and nice neednt always be associated only to Christmas. You can start it, do it and should do it at any point of the year.

Here is one B-E-A-U-tiful idea of being nice, generous, make your brain work too and make the people a little surprised and happy and give you that goody-goody feeling.

"The Generosity Game

The following concept, created by John Stoner (and monitored for the Institute by Matthew Mezey) has many similarities with the Random Kindness approach.
Here's another possibility, close to my own heart: the Generosity Game! It's my own project, and you can see the website if you haven't already (at
For those who haven't seen it the idea is this:
You do something good for someone, and you do it anonymously. For example, you could pay the toll of the car behind you at a tollbooth. One thing we've done is go to a wonderful bakery, and buy a treat for the next person who walks in the door after we leave. Be creative!
And you pass on one of these cards to the person you do it for. On one side, they say
'It's Your Turn.'
On the other, they give these instructions:
'This is for you! Now it's your turn: go do something good for someone else. Do it anonymously. Pass on this card.'
So, you see, the card passes itself on! Someone is the recipient of your good deed (and the card), goes and does something for someone else, passes on the card. Then that person has some good thing done for them (and gets a card), and they do something for someone else ... isn't it great?

Anyway, I've found that doing this a lot does open your heart in a particular way. It opens your heart to being generous with others as a part of your life, and it opens your mind to what resources you can bring to that generosity.
Honestly, I've been very weak in taking it on as a personal practice. But the few times a week (or month) that I do it myself have turned my attention more towards what I have to give. Which I'd say is a positive thing.

Go ahead, do something nice and make the world a happier place to live in and help someone smile today :)

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