Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Embarking on another nomadic life

Its yet again time to keep moving. From all the way to Philippines to Mumbai to Indore and now back to Mumbai for 5 or 6 days and then to Bangalore for another 5 days and then finally to home after 6 nearly months(out of which more than 3 have been in India itself and still not able to visit home even when my mom was bedridden for a couple of months). The last time I stayed at home was for 72 long hrs. Home time for me cant be counted in weeks but in days and nights only. Don't know how long this time its going to be... Don't want to be too short or too long.
Have two exams the day after, the night marriage of one of my dear roomies to attend, some sleep if I can get some and then an early morning flight to Mumbai.
As always is my case, my regular life is usually the leisurely break before the hectic packing, travelling and staying in new places, synchronising the many events dependent on so many people and events. And today I heard a person in front of me sighing and saying "I went home only in October and it has been so long". Three things happened immediately: my blood boiled, I felt sad and also pitied the person's ignorance.
Imagine them considering themselves as unlucky. Sigh...I think I know how lucky the person really is.

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