Sunday, June 7, 2009

Innocent guess

I opened somewhere in the afetrnoon to just take a break and check out the latest happenings. Right there on the top right of the webpage, I see in the Latest news table, in bold: "Top-earning Models: In pics".
Wow! it could be useful to know how earnings are predicted or what helped companies make great earnings or who are the top earning companies now taht it is results season and I am waiting for the 2008-09 results. Then I think about the last few words "In pics", and I wonder how can earnings be depicted in pics?
It then strikes me that the models heer mean "female models doing catwalk in fashion shows and posing for magazines"...
Uff... Either my brains are totally cooked with finance and earnings or economic times has started gone mad by putting such useless things in latest news and in bold font.
I was so amused that I showed my colleague here and he asked "what does it mean?". When I told my story he told me that he was also thinking on my lines.
Now, I am convinced that economictimes is s big screwup.

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