Monday, July 7, 2008

My problems with vista

Apart from how slow vista is(due to its 20 years legacy software with thousands of patches on patches), these are some big time goof ups done by microsoft in vista. I cant make a double click on a mp3 file to enqueue by default in winamp as it did in the windows 98(even when I enable this option in winamp5.05, why? Vista is playing god). The defragment doesn't work. It took three hours to analyse my 30Gb/138Gb and still did not finish analysing.How on earth can you ship products with applications not working? (and yes, the latest service pack is also installed on my pc). Why are there two sets of microsoft offices(2003 and 2007)and the default is 2003? WOW! I am so excited..... Why cant I set a standard template for the music folders? the os's standard template for music folder's sucks. As I play mp3s only, I dont care about the #, genre, artist album.These parameters are hardly ever found in the properties/tag/attribute of the mp3s. All I want is name,type of file and size. Is that that complicated?

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  1. Wonder y ppl keep making fun of me when i tell the same about MS in general...
    MS guys dont seem to get the real or the usable picture...they are more of...we have so many features[many not or improperly working] kind..