Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Useful Railway information

Here is a way to find out seat availability on all trains between two stations in one shot for you to make a decision immediately:

Track your train's location through this:

Improve your chances of booking through tatkal:

Here is some information that can be very useful for you during emergencies:
1. It is possible to travel ticketless in Indian Railways. The penalty for that is Rs.250/-. You will have to pay the full ticket cost plus this penalty money to the ticket checker and he should allow you to travel in the train without any seat or berth. If you object to pay this penalty, then there will be a court case and a fine of Rs.1000/- (plus jail upto six months if the judge wants it).

2. If the TC objects or has any problem, go to the guard of the train. The guard is the KING of the train. If he writes and gives that you can travel in his train, no TC can object. So tell the guard your emergency, your reason for travelling, beg or cry or do what you want. If the guard is ok with it, your travel can be go ahead in the train.

3. If you ever wanted to go from any place to any other far place and don't find direct trains, then think of going through any of the following three stations: Guntakal, Bhoosawal & Nagpur. These three places have the highest connectivity to trains in all directions. So these are major connectivity points. P.S: I dont recommend ticketless travelling, but in case of real emergencies, just do it. Dont get scared of the jail term or the Rs.1000/-. That is just an extreme case.

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