Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bhavnagar - Part 2

The houses here are Huge(yes, with a capital 'H'). There are so many of them(the whole city is of them) and are bigger than the bigger bungalows in Bangalore. The footpaths are not paved but are huge and once the city develops this will be the next Chandigarh(If you know what I mean). You will find a lot of brokerages here(Number of brokerages/ in Bhavnagar > that in Bangalore). As there are no big industries (apart from diamond cutting) in the city, the development of this place is quite slow and almost everything eatable is imported from another major city. Bhavnagar is a 3hr drive from Ahmedabad and if you are lucky the roadtrip can be an experience to a wildlife sanctuary. I have seen a herd of camels and a Neelgai(deer)on the highway. My mom has once seen a tortoise cross the road(the sea is 20 km away and must have got washed away to this highway). There are a lot of upturned cows like the ones in the (Me, myself and Irene) after being hit by lorries in the night. I saw two upturned lorries on the highway(I dont know what they hit or what they tried to avoid hitting). So far, these have been my experiences in Gujarat and will post more on any new adventures/events I encounter when I travel to Amvabad(This is what Ahmedabad is called locally) again.

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