Thursday, July 24, 2008

Illiterate literates

I have a few at home. My parents. Yes, both are post graduates in different fields which qualifies for being more than just literate. But when it comes to computers, I will call them illiterates(atleast a year ago). Same is the case at my aunt's place where I am in Chennai right now. Seems to me that my entire parent's generation would be happy to be illiterate in computers throughout their lives if there was no necessity to learn computers at all. Unfortunately, for them now it is being a necessity. From checking the bank's account statement, to receiving photos of newly born kids in the family, to searching horoscopes for their children's marriage are quite some things that are forcing the generation to forcefully learn computers. Somehow, their mantra for not learning computers irrespective of the person, place and time is "There is no necessity to learn now. When the need arises, we shall see". In other words, "I will not learn till it is forced upon me to". What an attitude!!!!
Grown ups and still acting like stubborn kids...!!! And when the need arises, usually the children are away from home and cant learn it by themselves. So I have enrolled myself to teach my uncle, aunt, mom and dad, the basics of computers so that they can send, receive emails with attachments, talk on gtalk, etc in the little time I have left before going to Manila. It is time we taught them a lesson ;)

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  1. Nnoobbllee jjoobb!!! think i am not good in expressing will probab try and get a conversation going!!!