Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Exotic fruits cheaper than regular vegetables

Strange are the times in India. Stranger are the costs of the fruits and vegetables in Bhavnagar/Ahmedabad. The costs of a kg of the not so ordinary fruits like peach, litchi, apricot, plum, jamoon are cheaper or equal to cost to that of the cost of a kg of the usual vegetables. My mom is taking some real advantage of this situation. She went to the bazaar the other day and bought more of these exotic fruits (I have never before seen a real peach, apricot, litchi and green badam) than the vegetables. During my childhood days these fruits used to come up only in memory games and scrabble. So I have heard of them and never actually seen them. I started seeing their pictures of these only during the last 3 years in the tetra packs of the fruit juices being sold in the provision stores. And now when I open the fridge for a quick bite, I see peaches and litchis waiting for me. I used to fancy the strawberries and the litchies. But now after eating them, I feel that the ordinary fruits (Mango, grapes, musk melon, chikku) are better than these extra-ordinary fruits. There is a certain sourness about these fruits that I dont seem to like. But these fruits taste great in their flavours in the 1 litre fruit juice packs with a hell of a quantity of sugar added in them.

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