Monday, June 16, 2008

A sincere suggestion for the ladies

An honest & sincere suggestion for the ladies : Please be more careful with your dresses when you are travelling in bikes or cars. The most common scene I have noticed is girls/ladies whose dupatta is flying close (sometimes very close) to the back wheel while being a pillion rider. Today, I almost hit a bike with a lady pillion rider. The lady was wearing a salwar kameez and sitting cross legged. The problem was that her kameez was free flowing and covering the red light of the bike. As a result of this, I could not notice that the bike was in the process of being stopped and had to come to a dead stop after my slow brain processed the information that the object in front of me was getting bigger all the time and that meant I was going closer to it. The unfortunate part about this is unlike case 1, I cannot say anything to the lady about the way she is sitting in the bike. :-( Yesterday, while I was riding my bike, I noticed an Indica with a lady's maroon pallu outside the door and flying very close to the back wheel. When the car stopped at a small traffic jam, I knocked on the window of the car and was trying to get her attention but of no use. Desperate to get her attention, I over took the car, rode in front of it, hit the brakes, made him brake and told the driver to pull over to tell the driver and the lady. So to all you ladies out there: "Please take care of your pallus, kameezes and dupattas, as I am going to stop chasing pallus and dupattas and start chasing skirts" ;-)

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