Sunday, June 22, 2008

My new laptop

I saw my brand new lappy(that is what my old colleague used to call it) the day before. It looks KOOL and classy. A widescreen that too. Wow! Nice Altec-Lansing speakers which definitely has the potential to wake up the neighbours at the dorm later this year :P The laptop is the HP Pavilion dv6700. 3Gb RAM and 1.67Ghz x2 processors. The screen has got a very glassy look which I love. I took some time to get used to this new Windows Vista thingy - From finding the mouse movement settings to uninstalling some software. There are quite some pains with the new software. While idle, the memory is 40% occupied already. The defragmentor does not even show the fragmentation picture or a % number unlike the previous ones. What a pain.... Anyways, I will have to live with this for a long time.

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