Monday, June 30, 2008

Sorry state of affairs

It is very disheartening for me to hear two pieces of news that I came across.
1. CNN reports that "One in three of the poorest Indians pay bribes."
2. A 5 year old girl dies after a root canal surgery. As for the first, all I have to say is "Well, the other two-third cant even afford the bribe for getting what is rightfully theirs." As for the second story, fyi, it was not like a regular root canal of one or two teeth. It seems that the girl needed root canals on 15 teeth. Phew! And they decided to get 5 of them done in one sitting under general anesthesia. I wonder what on earth did she eat that she had so many rotten eaten? If it were chocolates, then her parents are clearly responsible for this mess. This is a sad story, but the newspapers have no right to highlight as if the death was a result of root canal. ABSURD!!!! COW-DUNG !!!! The headline has been sensationalised and common people who don't read the full article will never know the extreme conditions of this root canal (5RCs in one sitting under general anesthesia) and will be shit scared when the next time the dentist tell them to get an RC done. I want to make this clear that the reason for the death has to be the anesthasia part and not the RC.

P.S:My background: I have been a patient to the dentists from whenever I can remember. More than 14 years atleast. I have even undergone a tooth removal and RC under GA(General Anesthsia). I have so many RCs done and even multiple RCs(on the same tooth. Was that 3 RCs on one tooth or 2 RCs on each on 2 different tooth? I can't remember). I have had caps and crowns fitted (steel and ceramic) and have got a treatment of orthodontics too. My teeth have been worked on by more than a dozen dentists around the country. I am more than just an ordinary patient. I am half a dentist too. One of the reasons I wrote this is to highlight the fact that RC's are not life-threatening procedures at all.

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