Thursday, June 26, 2008

Grand theft auto (accident)

One of the strangest places to get robbed off in daylight when you are in a hapless, confused, angry, victimised situation in India is after meeting with an accident on the road. I have been witness to this in both the third person and in the first person. Sad, but true. The first involved a girl on a two-wheeler being hit and run by a guy on a kinetic honda at one of the most accident prone junctions in Bangalore - The Sajjan Rao circle. Thankfully the girl had just got a few bruises and a bit confused, and totally concious. While I was the first person to reach the accident spot and help her and got some ice from the very helpful GangaSagar shop. After all the commotion, when the lady asked where her purse was, it was missing. (Read Stolen)

When I had met with an accident myself hitting a 10th std boy crossing a road busy eating chips without looking at vehicles crossing the road, wise fromn the above experience, wanted to avoid the same situation. As soon as we got up, the first thing I wanted were my bike keys and my earphones. Good, but not great. I had removed my helmet and kept it on my bike while recovering and later when all the dust got settled and the boy's mom came and the next steps decided and I planned to lock my bike with the helmet in the parking lot, the helmet was missing. Wow.....! I couldn't do much as there was a boy crying (due to the pain or the shock, I don't know) and there are always some people thinking that somehow the fault is the two-wheeler's and I did not want to give too much emphasis to the helmet compared to the boy. Helmet Swaahaa.....

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