Sunday, June 29, 2008

Maar dala !!!

Maar dala!! Aur woh bhi bookha maar dala. Ahmedabad is a very different place compared to the various south Indian cities. I had been there for the last three days and came back today to Bhavnagar. It is a 3hr drive from Bhavnagar(where my parents stay). We started off today morning at 10.10 am from the guest house(in Ahmedabad) having planned that we will first go to a restaurant, eat breakfast and then start our 3 hour journey. We went from one restaurant to another and all of them had just opened and were cleaning the places at 10.30 in the morning. It seems all food is served only after 11 am or 11.30 am depending on the restaurant. What non-sense??? I have never seen anything like this anywhere in the south Indian cities. And by the way, there are no "fast-food" restaurants here like in Bangalore. In Bangalore, most of the fast food restaurants are up and start serving by 6.45 am. And in Tamilnadu, it is much earlier depending on the city where you are of course. Had to travel an hour on the highway to get to a daaba/restaurant which is one of the only two eatable places on the highway for us. P.S: I have not got anything against Ahmedabad, but it is just that this wasn't what I expected from an upcoming Major city in the country.

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