Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Goodbye, my dear.

After a decently long relationship of 3 years 8 months after buying my bike, I sold it yesterday. During the last three or more years, this has been one of those very few things that has given me a constant peace of mind, nice pleasure and very rarely some anxious times. During the last few years, biking has been a constant stress reliever, inspiration and a thought generator for me. It allowed me to be alone in a crowd and think while listening to good music while riding. Some of my deepest thoughts and ideas have come to my mind while I was riding on my bike. At times, it has been real fun and at times, interesting and challenging. I have some very memorable rides & falls on my bike. The most memorable ride for me was the trip to WonderLa (an amusement park on Mysore road highway). I reached a top speed of 96km/hr and on the way overtook a Mitshubishi Lancer many a time. It was in this car that my friends were travelling and it was one very scary view for them. It seems that the end of my pant was flutttering with a very high frequency. Well, how would I know? I was concentrating on the road. The other memorable rides to me are the rides in the rains, especially heavy rains :-). While most of them are shit-scared of riding a bike in the rain, I used to ride whatever the time, whatever the conditions. I used to see that "Shower and hail dont break my plans for the day". It is really quite a challenge riding in the rain in a safe way. The best part of riding in the rain was that the traffic would subside once it starts raining as almost all the bikes come to a standstill. I love using this contra-logic for my benefit. I have had my share of falls and frankly speaking it has been a very good learning experience each time I fell. Out of the 4 falls I have had, I got a scrathes only once. That is how good my bike was designed for safety. 1 skid while testing the bike's braking power, 1 skid while braking on sand, 1 slip on an oil slick and one fall after colliding with a 10th standard kid(I got hurt in this one - a little skin peeled on my knee and elbow as I fell out of my bike and because of the impact with the ground, thats all). My bike has been my lifeline in Bangalore for these years and I would not have been able to do even one tenth of all I have done in the last 3-4 years without my bike. Life is going to be quite difficult and different without my bike.

Statistics: Bike: Bajaj CT100 DLX, Oct 2004.
Top speed Reached while riding alone: 96km/hr on Bangalore Mysore road.
Top speed Reached (doubles): 81km/hr on Bangalore outer ring road.
Falls from Bike: 4
Number of times injured: 1
Number of times police has towed my bike: 1
Number of times fines paid: 5 (3 times travelling the wrong way on one way roads +1 parking on zebra crossing + 1 parking outside the parking line)

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