Monday, November 30, 2009

Profiting from other people's death

There are two kinds of people who profit from other people's death. The people conducting funeral services and the family getting insurance claims/inheritance. So what if you are not one of the above and still want to profit from someone's death? Here comes the concept of "Death bonds".
Let me explain the concept in simple words: If a guy buys insurance and dies, his family gets the money. Now what if the guy is desperate and just sells his insurance to someone else. Now, if that same old guy dies, the new holder of the insurance gets the money.

In death bonds, a lot of such insurances are bought from people to make a pool and parts of this pool are sold off to investors. So if you buy death bonds, it is profitable for you if the guys insured die within the time period of the life insurance. And since death of a few people will always occur in some probability, you are assured some returns always. I guess most finance guys will say CDO means collaterised debt obligation, but then this is a "collaterised death obligation" :P

After seeing the kind of money that the priests took for the funeral services, I realised that, if there ever was one sustainable business, that would be the "business of death". You are always in business till the last guy on earth perishes and then the whole world is yours.... hahaha
"Maut ka saudagar"....

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