Monday, November 23, 2009

Vision of Mankind 2

Referring to my previous post on the vision of mankind,, I think I have found a solution...
The vision of mankind is same as that of cockroaches. And that is to propagate and have continue the generations.

I think the cockroaches are better at risk management than all of mankind combined. They have survived for millions of years with just one technique: "When you sense risk, run like crazy". We human imbeciles haven't even learnt that well. The amount of humans dying/suffering as a ratio of total human population is greater than a similar proportion for cockroaches. The mighty cockroaches have survived metrorites, ice ages and what not.

Humans also just want to survive and keep propagating. They want to reduce the risk of dying and being extinct. So they started cultivating food to avoid starvation, started using fire to protect themselves from animals and from the cold, etc. One day, when the next ice age occurs or meteors strike, temp of earth reaches 50 degree celsius or water submerges all land, we may have technologies and ways to survive extinction.

Say for the next ice age of 100,000 years, humans may freeze themselves in machines and come out automatically when the ice age stops. We may genetically modify ourselves to breathe underwater or live in 60 degree celsius without being burnt.

Humankind sees the benefits of diversification. From experimenting with ligers and tigons, now we have gayism nad a few crimes of people mating with animals. What next? Interspecies mating? Maybe the human genes can get better with the diversification and a hardier gene pool with hardier characteristics for better survival for gene propagation.

Humans dont want to accept a simple reality of death of the human kind at some time. So the adventurous imbeciles keep doing something or another to change the reality. So far, so good imbeciles! But at the end of every millennium, you are no greater than a cockroach whose goal is to just survive and propagate its genes to the next generation.


  1. Pretty interesting. I guess not only cockroaches, even micro organism such as some species of bacteria even survived on the surface of Mars, which we as mankind are targeting for the next place to inhibit. Survive and multiply is the whole and sole motto of all living organism

  2. yes, I agree with you. Cockroaches was only an example.