Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two sides of a coin

I learnt a trick that is really useful for making decisions in this web world. Usually, when we don't understand a specific topic or want to know about something, we do a search of the topic in google or do the search on wiki. This is ok. But when you need information on topics that you going to make you decide on something important, this is not enough.

Eg: Say you are planning to buy a product made of Neem(a tree) for your family and assuming you didnt know about Neem before. Doing a google links gives wiki as the first link. I went through the page and understood all its benefits.
Now, does that mean I can just buy it and use it? Could there be any harmful effects of it?
So now I do a google for the words 'harmful neem' and I got multiple links saying the harmful effects of neem on children and on pregnant women.

This is my learning from my finance prof. Deepak Kapur: Do the google search as before and then do a google search with the contents "problems" along with the topic. The word problems/harmful effects, etc will give you the lesser known criticising view of the topic at hand. This tip/trick can be used to gauge the problems related to companies in the stock market to increasing your knowledge and for being more decisive and critical in your thinking.

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