Friday, November 13, 2009


I know so many secrets about so many people (friends, roomies, cousins and family) and I feel happy that so many people trust me so much, but at times I feel it is complicating my life a little more. I have to be that much extra careful when I speak that I do not speak about the secret. Worse, I have to remember that I have to act innocent as if I didn't know certain things about a certain person's life. That is still ok. That is the easier part. Fortunately, all the secrets I know are directly from the people about themselves. The secrets that are the hardest to own and protect are leaked secrets - A secret that has been leaked to me as gossip. Then it is an open secret and any number of people could have known it. Bringing the knowledge of this secret in a discussion can make things go really bad. I am happy I don't get to know much of the juicy other's secrets. Secrets/Personal information coming from the very person are always much better than hearing the same through someone else(though it is far more interesting).

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