Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vision of Mankind

I realised the value of a vision or a dream sometime ago. Every individual and every organisation needs it so that it can continuously go forward and keep on its path and to overcome obstacles in times of difficulty. It gives a certain drive, motivation, energy and something to look forward to each day. So I wonder what is the vision of mankind as a whole? What does it want to achieve once all the infightings are sorted out or not?

One should read Scott Adams book "Gods Debris" and from there comes certain ideas... I can see things happening as predicted in that book. The world is coming together as a whole, especially with the help of the internet. People all over the world can come together and decide on various important topics staying far away. Internet unites everyone like nothing else has ever done before. It is a social fabric in a way intertwining everybody's life into it. And as more people use it, more people are going to spend sufficient amounts of time on the net. So what next? Similar to people vote in a country to choose elected representatives to solve people's problems, what will the people of the world come together to do? What is it that Humanity wants? What does the mankind look forward to? What is the vision of Human existence as a whole?

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