Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time zone difficulties

It is difficult connecting to people across various time zones. Previously, while I was in Manila, I remembered that Pittsburgh is exact 12 hr behind and it was easy to chat with someone there knowing the time. Now after coming to India, I have moved 2.5hrs. Had to think to know what time it is in Pittsburgh while I am here. Now another complication, daylight savings...It has moved one hr... had to again figure out which way is that...When someone in Pittsburgh says I will come online and chat with you at a particular time on some date, I need to start calculating which day is it for me: is it the same  date or the next one(as I am ahead). Then calculate the time...Pretty complicated... Thankfully neither I or my friends move around countries... Else, my time warped life will be in a recursive time warp...which basically means going insane....

1 comment:

  1. hahahaha.. next time I will do the calculations and tell you the equivalent time in india:)