Sunday, November 8, 2009


1. If you feel different than everyone else, thats probably because you are indeed different.Thats no crime and stop making excuses for yourself.

2. The mean things which you cried over would be a silly joke which will be quickly forgotten in a decade. And you would meet meaner people and will have meaner and vile things said and done to you. Chin up and smile.

3. The best friends you have now will be the ones whom you will turn to when you need someone the most. They might never understand you-but they will always be there.

4. Nobody is perfect,not even you.Forgive and forget.The Karma always gets back to you.

5. Your looks would be totally different 10 years down the line. So will be your thoughts, dreams and your outlook towards life and living.

6. You will see and learn things beyond your comprehension. So stop planning and worrying over the future. Life can never be planned.

7. Friends are friends. Regardless how gay,drugged,drunk or wicked they are. They bear with you, so you have to return the favour.

8. Save some of the childhood innocence tucked deep down. It will help you sharpen your charm sometime in life.

9. Accept failures. Your wins are not worthy without them.(And I ought to share this link-courtesy Cherian)

10. Eat, pray and love- The rest will work out fine.

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  1. Nice....loved the 10 things about life :). Simple and straight and very thought provoking.