Wednesday, April 1, 2009


A standing ovation with so many happy faces after my movie show; wow! :))))
Today, I had my movie screening in the class. This is how it went: My assigned number was 4, but I had requested my other classmates that I will go last. Everyone agreed. At least 3 or 4 people asked me in the class when was my movie showing. There was a lot of excitement about my movie... maybe because they knew what was the movie all about. The movie was called "Mr.Bean in AIM" and I was the lead actor enacting Mr.Bean. So when my turn came, and as I was walking down the staircase from the back of the room, there was a lot of applause and cheering all around. I was quite surprised about it. I went on stage in a Tshirt and jeans (The only presentation till today when I was not in formals). I was not serious like before, I was cheerful and happy and talking to a class as if there was no professor. The first thing I told the class was "I have never had so much applause before", at which the class was laughing. I started off with a presentation. The starting slide was named "The walkabout presentation of Ajit Jagannathan (Also, known my many other names in campus :) )". Then I went on to explain why I wanted to do this movie as a project and had a few slides of testimonials of what my classmates had to say about me as of dec 2008 and as of now. It included some truths like my name kept by my neighbour "Ajeeb" which definitely entertained many people. So I started off the movie and people were laughing and cheering all around as the movie began. The movie was for 20 minutes and there were many a laughs during the movie. As the movie ended , there was a lot of applause, I went to the computer, reduced the volume and as I turn around I see all the people giving me a standing ovation. There have been only two other standing ovations in the class so far this term in 3 months. So this is definitely an achievement for me. I clearly did not expect this for a comical movie I had made. I bowed to the audience and they were still clapping. As mine was the last one of the day, after clapping, they settled down and waited for the professor to say something or call it a day. The professor soon called it a day and many a people came to me. They congratulated me, shaked hands and even hugged me to say what a wonderful job it was. It has been a wonderful experience and people have praised me for my acting and the creativity of the movie, including the details that were included in the movie. The movie was an equal effort of me, my room mate Shravan and my groupmate Sameer without whom this project wouldnt have seen the day of light. I plan to put up the movie in youtube and send out the link to my family and friends soon :)


  1. hmmmm...
    A very good and some satisfying news about any of my friends in sometime... [The other was a friends marriage in Feb]...

  2. post it on youtube!

  3. Do post it would love to watch it


  4. Congratulations on your achievement Ajit!!! Cant wait to see the movie now...