Saturday, April 18, 2009

Best action movies

So what makes a good action movie? What is almost a necessity if an action movie is supposed to be great? One aspect that is common in all the best action movies is this: A unique innovative way to kill the villain. Let me go through the ones on top of mind:
Troy: Brad Pitt kills the gaint in the first fight sequence with a sprint, a jump, a deep penetration of the sword from the clavicle bone of the giant to his heart. The giant collapses immediately. Commando: Arnie kills the villian with the steam duct with steam passing through his stomach, actually cooking his internal organs.
Air force1: Harrison Ford kicks the villian of the Air Force1 with the statement "Get out of my plane" True Lies: Arnie literally fires off the villain stuck on the missile of the Harrier jet saying "You are fired"
Fast and furious 4 - New model : The last scene of the villian getting rammed in the torso by the car driven by Vin Diesel with its front wheels up due to the enormous torque the car produces. Terminator2: Arnie finishes off the mercury man with a shot gun shot and the classic words "Astalavista Baby"
Rambo1: His unique and crude method of hurting the people behind him with big logs falling and sharp wood pieces entering into the thighs of the people was awesome. Imagine all the things a dagger could do.
Men in Black: The big cockroach spaltters because of a weapon fired from within its belly.
Top Gun: Tom Cruise uses a special tactic to basically stop the plane mid-air and makes the hunter become the hunted by falling back due to lesser air speed.
Eraser: The villians are seated in a limosuisinne which gets purposely parked on the rail tracks and the doors shut. A train comes and hits the car and the baddies are killed. The dialogue goes on later: "how are they?" Pat comes the reply "They caught a train"
Face off: The villian dies not just by stabbing , but stabbing and then turning the knife around to see to it that the damage is irrepairable and inflicts more pain.
Sin city: One of the most innovative and disgusting methods to kill has been invented in this movie. The ever silent Kevin's limbs are cut off and fed to his very own ferocious dog. Then the stationary rest of him is tied to a tree for the dog to finish off while he is still alive.
Broken Arrow: As the train stops suddenly, the nuclear missile hits and penetrates Nicholas Cage killing him.
Speed: Keanu Reeves manages to stay on the train and pushing the lunatic bomber's head to the signal in the sub way ripping off his head. Waiting to see more new ways to kill the baddies....

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