Saturday, April 11, 2009

Been there done that!

There are two common starting problems with new things to be done. In one case, people are so scared of the task that they wont start the work at all. First, they will ignore the task as long as possible, though it will be eating them up in the back of the mind. When they can no longer take it, or see that the deadline is approaching, they start talking about the task to others which will not help them get to them doing the job though. Finally, panic sets in. Now, there is no place for rationality. Anything goes, beg someone who knows it to do it, or with some moral support from others end up with some really shoddy job (If you are able to understand the work in the first place and know that it is shoddy). Now, the other extreme. The person starts off with the work with not an idea of what is expected as the output. He doesnt know what is he graded on, how important the task is and how much is the reasonable time required to do the task. They start off like an engine which is turned on and keeps running with no purpose till the fuel in the tank gets emptied. There are in square 1 always, initially on a high that they are progressing on the task and then disgusted with whatever they have done. The solution is the middle ground. Always start off with what is the required output of the task, what will it be measured on and then decide on the importance of the task not only to you, but also others. The next step is to estimate the time required to do/get the job done. Have checkpoints and then start the task.

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