Sunday, April 26, 2009

For distracted people

Guess what? There is a global association for distracted people. Check out the board members of this association: The board: chairman: Johan Rapp, one of the founders. He realized the need for an association when, one day, he arrived at work with two bags of garbage in his hands. He had forgotten to dispose of them at home. member: Sven-Erik Fernaeus, neuro-psychologist. He wants to research about the distracted and has come to realize that he himself is very distracted. member: Julia Marshall, from New Zealand. Radiates positive energy with intense and alert eyes and is as charmingly distracted as her hair is red and curly. member: Åke Malm. A Swedish engineer. He can appear very orderly, but those who know him can see that he is seriously distracted. member: Art Max, humorous and somewhat distracted head of the Associated Press in Holland. On a more serious note, there are some really nice and innovative things designed for these people.

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