Monday, September 28, 2009

People's priority indicator

Well, I was at it again. I went to google and typed "how to" and back came the response.
Two months ago, "how to write a resume", was the first in the list as mentioned here previously.
I guess people are back to wanting to make babies again.
Now that I am searching this pretty regularly, I am thinking of a fancy name I can give to this indicator. I can then report the monthly state of affairs and can observe the lastest trends in people's priorities. It may give some clue as to what people are upto these days.
Thinking it cross sectionally, maybe it can work as a crude indicator to predict the number of children born in the next year or so.
Having some hopes that one day, this will be refered to something like the long skirt theory, the leading lipstick indicator.
@readers: please suggest an appropriate/wacky name with/without including my name in the indicator :)
p.s: The search is for You may get different results if you are in another domain/country.

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