Monday, September 7, 2009

So called 'friends'

Are some friends really worth it? are they worth my time? Some of them dont respond to calls... some say they will catch up on a weekend but hardly ever do... some come online and put up some upseting status messages and when you seem concerned and ask what happened, they dont say much and have a ten line chat and go then go away...
I feel I am living in an illusion where I have lost touch with all reality and cutting each day one after another with no idea what is going to happen tomorrow and hardly have any expectations from tomorrow... From my experience, when you have expectations from others they somehow are always capable of only dissapointing you... But still I do have some basic expectations and I am constantly getting dissappointed by people's actions or rather their inactions...


  1. I am afraid this post is rather too pessimistic, I have the following view
    You can be very close to only a few people, so don't expect 100 people to be close to you ! It is true that sometimes some one disappointed you, but dont judge based on one incident take an average over time.
    I agree with you that people need to be more
    credible. Lastly I guess expectation will definitely lead to disappointment unless you have a very soft threshold.
    Anyway do ping me :)

  2. Hey Chaitanya, I wrote this post as a result of 2 very close friends and another good friend of mine all independently did a few dissapointing things for a while now. When the third person did it, I had to rethink quite a lot about whether they should be treated as just acquaintances and known people rather than as close friends.

  3. Dude i dont know much...but i can tell you only so much... dont judge people... Just let them be and do what they want...
    I have also seen u being a litte hostile or rather a little harsh on some people...
    give them a chance... and dont think too much into things... give some space for yourself!!! :)