Saturday, April 30, 2011

Improving your Personal IT productivity

1. Customise and refine your gmail account:
2. Install wordweb software for offline instant access for dictionary meanings and alternative words while writing documents
3. Install Adobe Flash plugin, Quicktime and Microsoft Silverlight plugins for non-prohibitive access to all webpages.
4. Preset webpages to be loaded when you open a new browser using the settings in the browser.
5. Block pop-ups from the browser settings with exceptions to certain sites.
6. Have a handy searchbox (google/bing/yahoo) in the browser.


  1. Think I have a few better ones than these listed by ET???? For some odd reason, I do all of the listed and some more.
    Some of them -
    - Use much of the keyboard as possible. Some tasks are made much easier by keyboard compared to usage of mouse.
    - Do not clutter desktop with all files and organize them with proper discretion
    - Set fonts and colors with proper contrast for quicker reading
    - Set cursor to be at event buttons
    - Have a big RAM

  2. True, but I was focussing the blog post on one time setup/installations of basic required softwares. Usually, one misses these if you use another's computer.