Sunday, September 27, 2009

The naked truth

Here is an online chat between my foreign french friend(a girl) and an Indian friend(a guy who knows french) on campus:
Guy: how was your Mandu trip?
Gal:was in mandu today
im f***ing nacke
Guy: isnt it spelt naked ? lol as in nue in French
Gal: euh i dont know
well u got it
Guy: but y wud one get naked in Mandu ?! I thot it was a hill station lol
Gal: go to hell
Guy: ok im totally confused by Mandu u mean the place Mandu right haha ?
Gal: ya
Guy: so thrs water thr ?
Gal: naked = tired
Gal: who did u guys go with ?
rotfl !
how the f*** is naked = tired haha hilarious we have to chat more lol
Insight: the gal didnt know how to pronounce the word "knackered" which actually means "very tired"

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