Sunday, March 15, 2009

The mail/call/message that never came

As this day comes to an end in another half hour, I am partly happy and also sad about the way things have turned out. :( This is a very very odd year when two of my best friends have not wished me on my birthday. Coming to think of it, almost all of my very good friends haven't wished me this year. The people who I grew up with for the last decade have somehow forgotten me conveniently this year despite the week long reminders from orkut. Even my cousin who sends me a birthday card every year from as long as I can remember did not even ping me. I really did at least expect a call or a mail or a chat message if I was offline from the people I love and care so much about.... But alas, never did that happen. :( Well, this is just a rude reminder that times have changed!!!

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