Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another day

At 5.47am, here I am by the pool side, just finished writing the WAC(written analysis of a case) deadline of which was 8am.

The poker is still on,
and so are the songs,
the vigour is a little down,
yet the drinks are flowing,
and the cigarettes are still burning,
and on goes life as one passes on,
from one day into another so seamlessly
and surprisingly the words are flowing so freely,
despite having an all night out,
and one peg of neat rum.

Now the songs are slowing down,
the bottles are going empty,
the people have started going back,
and as a beautiful night comes to an end,
and a beautiful day starts off !!!

There is laughter in the air,
there are janitors cleaning up in the garden,
cigarette butts in the ash trays,
leftover ice cubes melting away,
my can groupmate singing a college song for me at my table,
plastic cups on the tables,
broken glass bottles on the ground,
birds chirping on the trees,
sparrows searching for food under the tables,
slow old hindi songs in the air waves,
people sitting on the arm rests,
people talking of going to the nearest MacD,
people singing along even at this hour,
while being all concious.

Now it is 40 min past six,
the girls have left,
the guys have also left,
just one another guy with me,
he has now come to my table wondering what I am still doing on my laptop,
I told him what I was upto,
and he told "wow! you write poems too?"
I replied "my first one"
He says "sexy, many people think, but no one does it".

He sits on the other side of the table,
with a cigarette in his hand that is not yet lit,
thinking and hearing to the loud song in the background,
the birds are still chirping,
but the sound is less audible now,
he lights the cigarette,
takes a puff,
blows the smoke,
and I can smell the mild smell of cigarette as the smoke hits my face,
still typing unknown to him,
that he has become my subject for writing.

I have written a para and he still hasn't taken another puff,
he is deep thought,
his head is nodding,
he is surely enjoying the song,
the sound of glass bottles breaking as the janitors clean up the tables,
a 70's hindi song plays from the big speakers,
and a sparrow catches my eye,
but disappears under a table, still looking for food,
there is no wind in the air,
the tree leaves are still,
my friend is silent,
he is checking his mobile,
another para over and just two puffs till now,
ah, there comes the third,
and the fourth and he has dipped the cigarette into the melting ice on the table,
he has left the table,
he has told me to take the speaker to the dorm lobby,
the songs silences,
he has stopped the song,
he tells me again to take care of the speaker,
he is no where in sight now,
and here I am,
the last man sitting...
and i think I too should hit the place and get out of here!!!

Such is the nice and strange company you get here at all oddhours which will be missed after the B-school experience....