Tuesday, March 24, 2009

India's opportunity

According to this article:
the cost of 22 military attack helicopters is $1billion. Or that is Rs.227 cr per helicopter at the current exchange rate of Rs50/USD. Phew! $45million per copter. Instead of spending this kind of money to buy quality arms, can't the government pull up one good great person who is given all the powers to run the company with the high reward if the target is met to start a govt. agency to do all the research and come up with something brilliant in the coming years. Also, looking at the serial "future weapons" on Discovery, I have always wondered why doesn't India just copy the ideas or make the special machines for the requirements as mentioned in the serial. India too has minefields at the border- a machine that blasts the mines and still goes ahead taking on more mines. India also wants a shore attack capability- a amphibious vehicle that can carry people and can convert itself into a tank once it reaches the shore. India too has hostage situations - a device that will penetrate the wall/steel enclosure and then blast inside or throw scrapnel inside the building killing/disabling everyone inside. These are all machines and weapons I have seen in the serial and I think if India can make these and export them, it will find a way of making money and also generate employment. After all, who is not interested in making a high end weapon intended to kill the enemies!

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