Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lessons from MBA

So what does MBA teach that is related to real life? Apart from the various accountings of financial and managerial and all the other MBA subjects, the one thing I think MBA teaches you is "giving up". Yes, giving up what you like, giving up what you love, giving up almost everything that means dearly to you. This will be forced upon on you in a way that you will be slow and very painful to accept. Slowly and steadily, one realises this as a way of life. People say it is about living your dreams, achieving your dreams and doing what you really want to do. Maybe in the long term, but in the short term, during the course one very vital lesson it teaches you is to accept failure and just walk on. First we are forced to sacrifice the time and distance with family, friends and the cosy, comfortable environment we were used to. Then goes the sleep. Then we give up some of those hobbies and things that used to enliven you during your normal before MBA days. Then once you are here, you are even forced to give on the very subjects you once loved to do so much. 
Song: Giving you up by Kylie Minogue 
"Deep in a perfect moment 
All it once it feels so right 
But when I wake I see reality turn back and bite. 
Your heartbeat's ticking 
And your cool starts dripping 
And you're tongue tied up on the phone 
Your backbone's breaking 
And your smooth starts shaking 
Like you can't stand being alone 
Your calm starts rocking 
Little doubts are knocking 
Like the whole world's slipping away 
Attention's killing 
But the ride is thrilling 
And you can't help going again 
What you want is what you don't know 
Turn me on and watch your ego 
What you want is what you don't need 
I can't start giving you up 
I'm lost without you 
Can't stop tickin the tock 
I can't start giving you up 
I'm mad about you 
Can't stop slipping it off"


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