Thursday, October 15, 2009

Emails and emotions

I recently realised something by what my friend said today. I am usually good at writing mails and reviewing documents, but at times like today, I just seem to have lost that talent all of a sudden. I drafted a mail to a higher authorty which wasn't a neutral toned one. I didnt like the mail myself. I asked for help to a friend/classmate and he drafted me a good mail. Sent it.
I asked him, how come you are so good in drafting mails. He said he learnt it from me. Now, that is a paradoxical statement. He told me that when the person drafting the mail is involved in the reason for writing the mail, emotions come in the way. And these emotions are strong enough that the mind cant even write a simple clear mail in a neutral tone. There have been instances when I write his mails for the best effect and he writes up my mails for the best effect. Strange, but true. The partner needs to be able to understand you completely and take up the complementary task in the best way when due.
There are exceptions though. There are mails where emotions can actually help. Like a mail criticising the pathetic situation to a lower/equal authority after many complaints have gone on deaf ears or a real sentimental/loving mail that can really touch one and maybe even bring them to tears.
One of the most important ingredient to emails is the state of mind or the emotions at the time of writing it.

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