Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Met a friend today who told me she drinks close to 12 cups of tea a day(actually more like 7 or 8). And she says it has no effect on her. Ya right! I think she is totally addicted and I see the effect of addiction.
Reminded me of an old joke:
Once a guy plans to test a theory on drinking. So he goes to the bar and orders 4 shots. Gulps down one after another. Not much of an effect. Now orders 3 shots. Gulps them down. Feels a bit oozy. Orders two more shots and drinks them. Feels a high. Orders one more shot and drinks it. Feels very very high.
He concludes: The lesser I drink, the more high I get.
This image is dedicated to my dear friend in Bangalore:

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  1. This is kind of similar to the sardar's joke as well.,
    A sardar in a college for phd about a roach i think...he removes all but one legs of the roach and notes down that it can still walk after he gives some motivation to it to walk.
    Now he removes the only leg left and concludes that roaches go deaf when all their legs are removed!!!!