Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why the confusion?

There is a process of learning and during the process we are usually in a confused state. The reason is this. We have certain principles, values, culture, way to talk/interact, things to do and when we see more liberal, conservative or new ways of things around us, we need to think whether we will just continue to dislike them, ignore them, adjust to them or imbibe these temporarily or permanently.
This is not an easy decision. There will be strong reactions from family and friends against changing. This is when we need to draw and sometimes redraw new boundaries that will redefine our values, principles, beliefs and define the person we are.
This is a dicey and dynamic game. The parameters of percepting a person keeps changing depending on from whose eyes you are viewing the person. The one thing that one will realise is that it is impossible to be seen as right from every person, especially if you want to explore, see and understand the people and the world better.

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