Sunday, July 19, 2009

Living the memory and wanting to Re-live it

The date : 31 Dec, 2005. One of the most memorable days for me. The reason: 15 classmates (including 2 Gods and an angel) descended at our(my roomies and my) bachelorpad making it a total of 17 classmates.Most were expected and some were uninvited surprises.
I still have that beautiful photo of that day of my friends. (My curent desktop background)
Looking at their faces, I see the beauty of those days that I miss. In their faces, each one of them shows a combination of happiness, pride, confidence, humbleness, optimism, hope and many beautiful smiles.
I want to relive that moment and hope one day we can have a similar photo after many years for a show & tell of 'then & now'.
Missing you guys and gals...

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