Thursday, July 9, 2009

Best softwares

There are a few softwares that are just excellent in their time and even after years, they are the best for the function. One such software is winamp. This free software came about sometime in 1990s and I still consider it the best mp3 player there is. I dislike the later bulky versions of 3.0 and 5.0, but love the 2.0 and the compact 5.0 series ones. It is compact, can be pulled to your flexibility, simple controls and even keyboard controls to start, pause, next song and stop. I am currently using the 5.05 version and also have some nice skins which I initially collected. Those were the days when winamp skins were distributed free with the computer magazines like 'Digit'. I dont think they still give out free winamp skins in those DVDs now.
The other very useful software is vlc player. This one came at an age of the mature software player industry and took the market by storm. It was everyone's dream come true. It played a simple minimalistic look and played anything you threw at it. Wow!
The other beautiful piece of software I really admire is Windows 98 version 2. This always had all the OS software I ever needed. On it, I could install office xp and have its latest version. Run winamp or vlc player and enjoy all the best softwares on the pretty stable operating system.
Looking forward to see and use the hopefully light and minimalistic Google chrome OS.


  1. I couldnt agree less when it comes to winamp... it is seriously a good stable, flexible and nice compact player...
    Loving it living it and Using it!!!