Thursday, July 9, 2009

My big screw up

Going through the above link, I remembered one of my most embarassing and scared moments in a company. These were the last months of work before I started off for my MBA. I got to know that I was selected for my MBA program on 14 march, 2008(A very momentous day. I considered it my best birthday present as it was the very next day). I talked to my manager and I gave my 2 month notice on april 1. My resignation was approved on 28th april. I had always wanted to write a last day mail and planned to write one, a good one month before the last day. I completed writing it, started searching all the ex-teammates, acquaintances, present team members, current and ex-managers and head of HR(she had interviewed me during recruitment). Did it all and then instead of pressing the save button, I hit the send button. A whole month before my last day!

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