Monday, November 17, 2008

Funding study time prudentially

Every student needs time to study for his/her short term tests/quizes, assignments, medium term projects and long term exams. If you were a long term planner and a conservative executor, then you would planned and used your available long term time that is available to fund your future short term needs. In the middle of it all, if you have more tasks than time, how do you fund your short term needs of study time? For one you could borrow short term funds by bunking classes(short term debt). Even more immediate funds can be got by asking help from your partners and receive ready lessons from them and promising them that they will be paid in kind at a later point in time(account payables). Another source of very immediate funds is the overdraft of sleep before the d-day(Letter/line of credit from bank). But since this is very expensive and needs to be paid back first, this should be your last source of funding. So, long term funding of study time is good. But an excessive long term funding which is a conservative measure is also bad. You would have then read almost everything and quite a lot of which will be redundant information, inefficient use of funds as there is no clarity of optimum use of the funds. Also, an excessive amount of study time would be available which would be wasted(excess cash). This excess time would only be useful if you have other plans of this like additional useful classes or strategic co-curricular activities that will boost your resume.(takeover and acquisition of a company or strategic stake in another company). The most ideal way is to have a combination of long term and short term funds, as the demand of the funding will also seasonal(start of year or end of year exam time). See that the base is funded by long term funds and your seasonal needs by short term funding. That way the time during the year will be optimally used. Well, it is more fun to apply financial knowledge to real life problems and relate it to unrelated stuff... :)

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