Saturday, November 22, 2008

When will India toe the line?

At first, the Chinese, now the Vietnamese and the Filipinos are the next in line... What about India? India tried it once, but failed quite miserably enraging most of the people in the country(MISA). The main problem was the method with which it was implemented and background conditions in which it happened. The topic I am talking about is putting a limit on the number of offspring a couple can have. Everyone know about the one rule policy of the chinese, now the Vietnam government plans to submit new rules to lawmakers next month that would urge couples to observe a two-child limit. The Philippines govt. is planning something on the same lines in the new family planning law that is passed in the lower houses and yet to pass in the upper house to become a law. The main opposition is from the church. I wonder which and when will the Indian govt., understand the necessity of a child limit plan to make India better. There are multiple benefits to this. Every book and author want to be the westerners and emulate the way they have developed to become a developed nation. From moving from agriculture to manufacturing to knowledge based economy,from rural to urban, from simple bank deposits to derivatives, from traditional dresses to western suits, from casual friendly culture on campus to casual sex on campus culture. Why doesn't even one book or author ever consider the reason for better American lives - the ratio of people to the amount of resources they have. That is the main reason behind the American dream. Yes, the decision to have a limit on the number of children a couple can have is tough but it is a long term solution to many of the country's problems, but who is going to take that decision?

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